Do you spend all your time dealing with people problems?

You can follow an HR strategy to minimise those problems and increase productivity.

Many business owners feel frustrated because they seem to spend all their time and effort on dealing with difficult “people problems”

You have built up a good business, but you are frustrated because the business isn’t growing as quickly as you hoped.

It feels like no sooner have you recruited great employees, than they leave.  Or maybe your employees take more time off sick than you would like.  Or maybe they aren’t performing as well as they could.  There may even be some conflict in the workplace.

There are many recruitment agencies and HR consultants who can provide support with recruiting good people, or who can provide resolutions to the individual people issues.  But the issues don’t stop arising.

I start at the top.  I work with the Managing Director and Board, helping you to introduce management processes and policies which mean that best HR practice is woven throughout your business.  This means you avoid many of those “people problems” and you can reap the rewards.

 “I find Jill has an ability to command a very sound analysis of the issues and a very effective way of summarising pragmatic and sensible ways forward.” Deputy Director

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