Employment Documents

Employment Documents – getting the paperwork right!

By far and away the best option for producing the basic policies, procedures and contracts of employment is to use the Getting Started package.  This includes templates and a whole package of other useful things.  See more details here.

But if you want us to produce additional policies, then we can provide templates for £20 per item. Or if you would prefer it we can provide bespoke documents tailored for your specific business,  at an agreed price.

Alternatively, we can produce your Staff Handbook at an agreed price.

Reviewing and updating policies, procedures and contracts of employment:

  • £190 for a review of the basics: disciplinary procedure; capability procedure (performance); grievance procedure; sickness absence policy; contracts of employment (or £130 where we  provided them in the first place – either bespoke or through the Getting Started package).
  • £30 per item for a review of each additional document (or £20 where we  provided them in the first place).
  • £190 to review a Staff Handbook (or £150 where we provided it in the first place).
  • £65 for an annual review to ensure you comply with law changes in the previous year. This would not review anything else – if you want a full review of your documents, the prices are as outlined above.

If you would like more information about these services, then please contact us to arrange a free, no obligation, discovery call.