Getting Started Package

Getting Started Package – for start-ups and new employers

We offer a Getting Started package for a fixed fee of only £400, which covers all the templates and guidance listed below. This is ideal for new start-up businesses – and very important even if you are planning to take on just one employee.   It keeps you legal and sets you off on the right foot.

Wouldn’t you like to get it right from the very start?

What is included:

  1. Guidance on employment status.  This helpful guide contains some key information to help you to decide what types of employment contract to offer.
  2. Employer checklist. A handy guide which reminds  you about key things to put in place when you are starting to employ people.
  3. Pre-employment checks.  This is a guide, with a checklist, to help you to carry out the right checks before you employ people.
  4. Template for offer of employment letter, covering different types of employment. This, together with the individual’s acceptance and the relevant written terms of employment forms the contract of employment.
  5. Templates for Written Statements of Terms and Conditions of Employment.  Essentially, make sure that you are offering the right terms for the type of contract you are using.
  6. Templates for four essential HR policies/procedures which every business must have.
  7. One hour of HR advice to get you started.

If you would like more information about this package, or would like to purchase it, then please contact us to arrange a free, no obligation, discovery call.