Services and Programmes We Offer

Do you find it difficult to recruit and keep good employees? Are you frightened that some other employer will poach your staff?

Have you got a high employee turnover rate? Are you overly reliant on one or two key employees?

We help small businesses (2 – 50 employees) to communicate successfully with their employees to build a happy and productive workplace. This is an easy equation: happy employees = increased profit, growth and productivity.

• Love and Leadership programme: a 12 week online programme to give you the tools to help your business thrive and grow through happy and productive employees

• Redundancy, With Love programme: a 4 week online programme to help you plan and execute your redundancy programme with kindness and care. This can help protect you against legal challenge and will definitely reduce the stress in the situation.

Or we can offer a bespoke solution for your specific business and issues.

  To find out how we can help your business, contact us or email us at so we can set up a quick, no obligation, discovery call.

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